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0 Samsung Stop Mocking at HTC

Samsung Stop Mocking at HTC
Samsung seems to have put an end to the alleged smear campaign vilify HTC products through online media in Taiwan. Meanwhile, local regulators will investigate the alleged practice of unhealthy business competition was.

"Samsung Electronics Taiwan has suspended all marketing activities involving the publication of anonymous comments," said a spokesman for Samsung, based in Suwon, South Korea.

Taiwan Trade Supervisory Commission has been collecting information and received a number of e-mail complaints about the well-publicized negative comments against HTC phone output. Publications were mostly positive comments for Samsung cell phone.

According to the AFP news agency reports, the comments were published by a number of students hired by Samsung.

On that basis, regulators suspect a Samsung. Taiwan Trade Supervisory Committee members, Sun Lin-Chyun, said it had requested information from HTC, while the Samsung has yet to be reached.

HTC expressed disappointment against competitors who do unfair competition. "We are disappointed that a competitor trying to mislead consumers to discredit our innovation," HTC said in a statement quoted by Bloomberg, on Wednesday.

Based on the rule of law in Taiwan, according to the Sun, such actions may be subject to market defamation, or demands imprisonment for two years per case.

If Samsung later found guilty by the authorities, then fined the company reached 835 000 U.S. dollars.

Supervisory Commission of Taiwan Trade had previously been giving a penalty to the Samsung, at least twice in the last year. For one thing, the Galaxy Y Duos mobile advertising is considered misleading, and Samsung have to pay a fine of 7,670 dollars
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0 Apple No Longer Requires Samsung's "Brain"

Apple No Longer Requires Samsung's "Brain"

Apple no longer intends to use processors made by Samsung which has been the "brain" for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Recent reports that Apple really wants to realize the plan.

As quoted by Cnet from The Korea Times, Apple did not include the name of Samsung latest mobile processor development projects, namely the A7 series.

A7 series processors will be embedded in the next generation iPhone and iPad. Previously, A6 and A6X processors used by the iPhone 5 and fourth-generation iPad made ​​by Samsung using a base of Apple design.

Now, Apple is rumored to have passes to chip production company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). "TSMC has begun assigning contractors to deliver components required for the production phase of the Apple processor," wrote The Korea Times, citing a source from Samsung partners.

Samsung and Apple does have a unique relationship. On the one hand, mobile devices division two companies competing for market share of smartphones and tablets. Both legal dispute even in software technology patents and design.

While the semiconductor division, both are just friends. Factory covering an area of two football fields in Austin, Texas, United States, Samsung supplies the processor components for Apple's mobile products.

This cooperative relationship has been going on for years. However, recent tensions between the two companies following the increasing market competition and patent disputes in the courtroom.
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0 Samsung Also Prepare Smart Watches?

Samsung Also Prepare Smart Watches?

Samsung is reportedly preparing to go into battle smartwatch product, the design looks like a watch and can function as a smartphone.

The information is revealed from a messageboard Korea containing various alleged screenshot images taken directly from the screen of this mysterious product.

In an image, a name written, Galaxy Altius. Based on the picture, for while these clever watches product called Altius. However, there are many who doubt the use of media Altius name, given name of the code has been used to project the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

In some images, on the left side of the screen, it says "SKT" and "SKTelecom". It indicates, Altius likely to include SIM card and run the data packets from the operator.

In another picture, written a code name "Samsung-GA7". Quoted from Slahsgear, Friday (02/15/2013), this indicates that the LCD screen type the code name used by Altius.

There is also information about your operating system, namely AltiusOS beta 2. It's possible Samsung developed Altius operating system is specifically for this device. Alternatively, AltiusOS Android operating system is modified in such a way that they can run on these devices.

In addition, Altius has also shown the ability to play multimedia files, e-mail, and send SMS messages.

Each image has a resolution of 500 x 500 pixels, Altius has indicated the same resolution as the image.

Other rumors said the possibility of the South Korean company will introduce the Altius has coincided with the Samsung Galaxy S IV in mid-March.

Until this news was raised, Samsung still has not responded to the news about the product.
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0 Ubuntu Will Be Tested in "Smartphone" Android

The mobile operating system was officially introduced by Canonical Ubuntu on January 3, 2013. To test further, Canonical will install Ubuntu on smart mobile phones Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which is actually designed to run Android.

The trial will be conducted in the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, Spain, ending in February 2013. Canonical will make improvements to patch the gap that still exists in Ubuntu mobile.

Canonical exhibitionist action is done to attract the attention of application developers. Canonical promised to release the application programming interface (API) that developers would build applications on Ubuntu.

There was the possibility of Android phones can run Ubuntu, but users need to do some modifications that are not easy and risky. By running Ubuntu on Android phones, features that previously could not be used there is a possibility.

Ubuntu and Android have the same program on the core (kernel). Both use the same Linux kernel.

Ubuntu Mobile is designed to run on devices with ARM and X86 architecture processors. Ubuntu Canonical wants to reach out to segments of the market to lower middle class and upper middle.

This British company hopes to Ubuntu-based devices released in late 2013. However, manufacturers will adopt Ubuntu and mobile market is unknown.

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0 Samsung Rex Ready to Compete with Nokia Asha

Samsung wants to show not look at one eye on a cell phone (mobile phone) under the alias middle class at affordable prices. This is evidenced by the launch of four series feature phone into Rex family.

All four family members are Rex 60, 70, 80, and 90.

The size of the display device has a variation between 2.8 inches to 3.5 inches with a resolution of QVGA (320 x 240). Rex 70, 80, and 90 has a capacitive touch screen. While the cheapest, Rex 60, comes with a resistive screen.

Excerpted from The Verge, Saturday (16/02/2013), all of these devices comes with a Java-based operating system. Interestingly, Samsung's TouchWiz UI pinned in all four devices.

For the record, TouchWiz UI is also used in Samsung's high-end devices, like the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. Rex series is also equipped with the camera, which is between 1.3 megapixels and 3.2 megapixels.

Unfortunately, all of these products do not support the 3G network.

The device is targeted at young people and people who have worked in developing countries. For starters, Rex will be marketed in India starting in February 2013, followed by China and South America. There has been no confirmation of when the series Rex present in Indonesia.

Family Rex is going to be sold at prices ranging from 80 dollars (approximately USD 750 thousand) to 120 U.S. dollars (approximately USD 1.1 million).

Samsung's decision to launch Rex may be filled to the success of the Nokia Asha series. While Nokia looks focused in marketing devices based on Windows Phone, Lumia, but Asha was the one that made ​​the Nokia device remains in the ranks of top class mobile phone manufacturers.

In the last quarter alone, Nokia only managed to sell 4.4 million units of Lumia. While Nokia Asha successfully sold 9.3 million units.
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0 Samsung Launches Galaxy S II Plus

Samsung Launches Galaxy S II Plus. As not want to stop the success of the Galaxy S II, Samsung launched the Galaxy S II Plus. This phone is experiencing renewal of the hardware and software specifications than the Galaxy S II.

Galaxy S II Plus has a 4.3-inch WVGA SuperAMOLED Plus type. He reinforced with a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal memory. All that running the operating system Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

Bersensor 8MP rear camera that comes with LED flash, while the 2MP front camera. Software has been updated so that the camera can capture images faster.

Enrich Samsung Galaxy S II Plus features with features that exist in the Galaxy S III, like the voice command feature S-Voice, Voice Unlock, Direct Call which allows users to automatically call when the phone is placed in the ear. There are also features Pop-up Play-made ​​video continues to play on the main menu screen. Thus, users can watch a video while surfing the internet or other activities.

The above features are not possessed by the Galaxy S II. However, the Galaxy S II Plus remains the only refreshment of old products.

Samsung gives the product of choice among mobile phone Galaxy S III Mini 4-inch Galaxy S III and measuring 4.8 inches. Through the Galaxy S II Plus, the South Korean company is like to want to continue the successful Galaxy S II, which sold 28 million units in June 2012.
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0 Samsung And Apple Get a lot of Profit

Samsung And Apple Get a lot of Profit. Apple and Samsung gained more than 100 percent of the profits generated mobile market in 2012.

According to Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley, gains two mobile giants has reached 103 percent during the year.

Why be more than 100 percent? A number of other smartphone manufacturers decreased share value that contributes to the acquisition of shares of Apple and Samsung.

Motorola and Sony each recorded value share - 1 percent, while the value share of Nokia fell to -2 percent.

The share of Apple's profits reached 69 percent, more than double the 34 percent Samsung.

"Judging from the dynamics of the competition today, we believe Apple and Samsung will maintain its dominance in terms of value share in the first quarter of 2013. Samsung is expected to take share from Apple," Walkley said as quoted from Tom's Hardware.

Although thought to have suffered a loss of overall market share from Apple, Samsung retains its position as the number one mobile phone manufacturer with a share of 24 percent.
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